At Oak Tree Lodge, we offer people a varied and stimulating programme of entertaining activities. We will do our best to offer activities tailored to individual interests. Our weekly activities includes music & movement, keep fit, quizzes, games, flower arranging, arts & crafts and musical entertainment. A small library, DVD player, large flat screen television and sound system are available for our residents at all times.

We encourage our residents to pursue their own interests and hobbies and staff are delighted to assist whenever necessary.

People are encouraged to attend the local fetes and shows that are hosted by the Ashurst community. Family members and friends are always welcome to join with in-house activities.

Special events at Oak Tree Lodge are indeed special when celebrated together. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and Bonfire night are all marked with joyful festivities, whilst garden parties, barbeques and theme days are planned regularly to enhance the cheerful atmosphere. Communion is held once a month at Oak Tree Lodge and residents are encouraged to attend religious services if they wish.

Oak Tree Lodge Activities 2021

Back in May 2021, we were privileged to witness one of natures most fascinating events – a bee swarm. They settled in a tree next to our conservatory and a local beekeeper, Bert, came up to the house to capture them and rehome them in a box for the night, before they were given to a new beekeeper to start a new hive.


We love a birthday at Oak Tree Lodge and always try to make the day special for the residents – and we have upped our game through COVID so no one misses out on their special days. Balloon arches have become our specialty!!!

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